Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yep, I'm finally back with something to say.

That hasn't been the case for some time, I know...I just haven't had a lot to say here, even with all of the B.S. that's happened in the world since my last posting I could have made a few comments about. (Some things, like the World Cup, I couldn't have cared less about, even to write "I couldn't care less!") Call it another writing dry spell for me -- I've had my energy in so many other things, including writing a new book, I couldn't get it up to add anything new here for a while. Was I neglectful? Maybe...I did make a commitment to keeping at least a semi-regular blog, and I sure haven't passed with flying colors. But I don't want to bore the crap out of folks by writing something each and every day, and chances would be good that THEY couldn't care less about my feelings. For those of you who do care, like Geri and Yen, I'm truly sorry and at least I'll have more posts this year than the last, as I promised!

Besides, if any of you look upon this neglect unkindly...remember there are those out there far, FAR more neglectful than I would ever even attempt to be.

Take BP, for instance.

You know what they've done, or better to say what they were stupid and neglectful enough to let happen, if what's been aired out in House Committee hearings is true about BP's rush to get the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig up and running so they could make their money as soon as possible. You also know how virtually useless they have been until recently -- that's changing, one hopes -- to cap off the damned spill. No one knows how long it's going to take to clean up the damn mess, or how to calculate how this disaster will affect the ecology of the Gulf of Mexico and the southeastern coastlines of the United States.

Hell, compared to THAT, I'm the model of politeness with my blog!

I can't help but wonder at times if this is the way the world is going to end. Not with a bang from a Third World War (which is ever in the realm of possibility, dammit) or some inexplicable apocalypse a lot of people fear might happen in 2012...but instead a whimper will come with the end as a result of neglect from greed or, on the other side of the spectrum, outright laziness. I hope with all my heart neither one happens ever, but neglect on the part of those who directly determine our future from parents to multinationals makes my hope waver a bit.