Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here's to a hopeful 2010, everyone...

It was something of a strange year that's passed, huh? A lot has changed and just as much stayed the same (for better or worse)...we have a new President who had an up and down first year, but the prognosis for the rest of his term is still hopeful. Just as long as he doesn't try to pour money the government can't exactly spend on every program, and doesn't flip on previous positions too often, like politicians are wont to do...remember when he said he'd get our soldiers home, but instead deployed even more overseas? I still dunno exactly why he was Nobel-worthy...

The economy still sucks...I know that better than most, but again things are hopeful.

We lost a lot, too...especially people we didn't expect to lose so soon. Brittany Murphy was our most recent loss. People are still feeling the absence of Michael Jackson, some more profoundly than others.

I could go on and on in a testament about the past year, but that's okay. Many others are doing that better than I ever could. All I can say is I hope 2010 is a truly better year for Yen, Geri, Patricia, and many more friends I know online and this is even to those who I don't know:

Happy New Year! :)

And yes, I will make more posts more way or the other, I'll get more online time!

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