Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More about "HELL KNIGHT"

Besides the bitter cold, now I have Internet connection issues on the ol' computer. Joy.

Anyway, you don't want to hear me bellyache...I am here, though, to do some shameless promotion for a certain horror-fantasy novel I crafted and am publishing independently with big thanks to Lulu. Curious to know more? Then if you're fan of fantasy and horror fiction, this might be up your alley. As you read on, though, don't be surprised if the temperature where you are drops a few more degrees...don't be surprised if you feel a little fearful...


The setting of "HELL KNIGHT" is in the heart of a nation known by its citizens as God's Country. The United States of America. It is in the heart of this nation a secret war is about to explode between the mortal and the immortal...

At the core of the conflict is a warrior who will come from the shadows...from a realm of indescribable, unspeakable nightmares. A realm where only evil reigns. And she can make many things possible.

Her mission will be unknowable to the mortal world, but she will have mortals serve her. They will be her army...they will kill and die for her. Her enemies are equally mysterious in their purpose, but they are monstrous. Vile beyond belief.

And they are legion.

This much the world will know...

By the sharp blades of her swords, she will make blood flow like a river.

But a detective in the heart of God's Country, haunted by her past, will become obsessed to understand the truth...understand why the bloody chaos is happening.

The truth will be beyond anything she can imagine.

It is a truth that threatens to change everything.

The truth will force a mortal detective to follow a relentless, ruthless warrior from another realm into the darkest of shadows.

Both will find an unexpected, shared destiny.

But in the end, only this warrior from another realm can do everything in her unworldly power to deny the change her enemies threaten to bring.

She will become the only hope for the mortal spite of one extraordinary fact.

She came from Hell.

She is the Hell Knight.


This novel depicts extraordinary violence, mature language
and situations, and sexual content.

Want to know more?

In fact, would you like to know where you can read the first three chapters of this novel free online? You don't have to sign or log in to squat. All you have to do is go here at Yahoo! GeoCities...

If you enjoy the first three chapters of this 483-page novel, then just go to to find out more, or go directly to these links for the eBook or softcover deluxe-size softcover...



There will be more to come, guaranteed...more about me, and more about "Hell Knight".


  1. It's about time you promote your book to its full potential! Between my thousand projects, I have not read all of it yet, but love the book Charles!!!

  2. Thanks, dear Yen, and brace yourself: I'm about to go in several directions at once, not just MySpace anymore. I thought that would be enough, but for this there won't be any such thing as too much!