Sunday, February 1, 2009

Anybody remember when football was a sport?

Yes? No? Maybe-sorta?

Whatever your answer, I've looked at the big presentation known as Super Bowl Sunday with something of a critical eye. I'm not saying I don't like football. I'm not saying I don't like the Super Bowl. (Now that it's over and because I'm not trying to profit from it, just stating my opinion, I can say those two words!) I'm not a fanatic either, but I'm definitely not disliking anyone or anything about football and its most important contest between the best of the best.

But something's a little off with the whole thing when corporate advertisers take up as much time -- if not more -- promoting themselves during the big game. When those who watch have as much honest-to-God interest in those commercials. (They're just COMMERCIALS...they may be funny or slick, but they can't pretend to be anything more than that!) And last but not least, there's something strange about millions and millions of dollars being spent by those advertisers for 30 simple seconds of air time from the network...but at the same time, I'll bet they're planning on cutting jobs to keep themselves afloat, if they haven't already.

We did watch the Super Bowl for the sport once...we're still doing that now, but not so much.

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