Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yes, the Bogeyman CAN die...

"I've learned that people who want power, a LOT of power, always end up dead!"

Kyle from South Park

My birthday was yesterday. (42 years old...uh, woot?) The day before that, though, I along with the rest of the world got a nice early present that could in fact have come along a few decades earlier. For me, it had some extra resonance growing up in the 80's.

In that decade Americans really got to know about Muammar Gaddafi, ruler of Libya and all-around scumbag. In anti-West in general and anti-America in particular, he became an international villain for his vocal support and financial backing of terror operations across the world, and even established training camps for terrorists in his country. And as bad as he was to the rest of the civilized world, he was even worse to his fellow Libyans. No wonder that at one point in 1986, we BOMBED Libya.

Finally, after all these years of having to put up with a dictator who looked more like a traffic cop with his mirrored sunglasses, the rest of Libya had enough. On October the 20th, 2011, a group of rebels captured Gaddafi as he hid in a sewer drain...a fit place for a rat to try and hide. Not long after that, he was shot and killed without ceremony.


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