Monday, April 20, 2009

The airship has waited long enough...

My increasing affection for steampunk aside, I always thought of our not fully adopting the airship as a serious missed opportunity, if not absolutely idiotic.

The idea of the airship aka the zeppelin came LONG before the Wright brothers went to Kitty Hawk, but why didn't we adopt airships fully for commercial, business and military use? Because of damned accidents, and the fear they put in us.

Who else remembers how hesitant we were to launch a space shuttle again because of the Challenger disaster? For some reason that fear was compounded with airships, maybe because in physical terms they are so big. But did we let fear of accidents stop things like planes and automobiles from being built, evolving, becoming a part of our society and our world? No, and we had no reason to do it with the airship...a missed opportunity and perhaps idiotic, indeed.

I always loved the idea of the airship, and it's PAST time we made it a part of things!

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