Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today was Earth Day. Big deal!

I know, I just committed the ultimate crime in our politically correct day and age. (I hate politics, give me a few allowances.) To not put any importance to a day when we're supposed to be so conscious about Humanity's role in this world and how we impact the Earth? Some of you would probably want to draw and quarter me for that!

Well, too damn bad, I'm still doing it and I'll keep doing it even after I'm done with this day's blog. I couldn't give a damn less if it's Earth Day. Here's why...I'm not supposed to care. There's no law that says I have to do anything different from what I normally do. (Yet...give the politically correct of our world time to maybe change that.)

Some of you would harumph and yell, "You don't care about your planet?!" Of course I care! I LIVE HERE, TOO! If this world is going to Hell environmentally speaking, then that naturally would be counter-productive to my life in general, same as for all of us living here. Allow me to explain myself and my lack of care for Earth Day, and maybe you'll understand.

First off, again, we're supposed to put aside a day to be conscious of the Earth. Think about that. A day. ONE DAY, or twenty-four hours! I could (and usually do) perform a few deeds that won't harm or pollute the environment in a given day. The idea that one day can be set aside for us to do something positive for Momma Earth, and yet the rest of the year we don't have to give a hoot and not pollute is just plain stupid.

And since being so kind and noble for ONE DAY is politically motivated, I again take a pass on Earth Day. Those more correct than the rest of us go out of their way to remind us in one way or the other to be good to our planet, and don't you know that makes them look as good and decent as a missionary telling those in the Third World the 'true faith'. (Think about that parallel, seriously.) And these correct-minded souls who supposedly care so much must love the sound of their own voices when they tell us this 'better thing' or that for the sake of our big blue and green ball of dirt and water. They must love being on a higher moral level, and many who honestly don't think about those who preach the Earth Momma gospel (including, worse, those who do think about it and are as self-serving) march in lockstep and pass on this message or that to help everybody else 'act more responsibly'.

Again, I hate politics, and I tune out pretense like I do bullshit.

By the way, fun fact. We hear this 'save the Earth' crap from the same folks who hammered us time and again that bottled water is healthy for us...and yet THE PLASTIC BOTTLES MANY THROW AWAY AND DON'T RECYCLE TAKE ABOUT 700 YEARS TO BIODEGRADE.

Want to know how much bottled water I drink? None, except for a free sample I was given once. So congratulate me, that's a service to our planet!

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